About Us

The Story of Xord

Xord is a leading Blockchain development and research company in Pakistan.
The foundation of Xord was laid in 2018. Our journey began with the intention to bring transparency and honesty in business processes with Blockchain technology. It was the result of an interest shared by the co-founders of Xord who were classmates back then. Soon a small startup began to take root and started flourishing as more like-minded and keen individuals joined in.

The team grew as more Blockchain enthusiasts continued to be a part of Xord. Not only this but we also strengthened ties with some extraordinary minds of this field who support the company as advisors. We believe in making partners not clients to align our vision with their’s and to strive for a common goal.
We understand your vision and help transform your ideas into reality with proficiency, creativity, and innovation. We aim to build reliance by integrating Blockchain technology into business processes and improving and scaling Blockchain products.

Inside Xord

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The Xord family has grown enormously since its establishment. From the very beginning, we have created a culture that facilitates creativity and innovation. We believe in empowering people to stimulate their true potential. The culture at Xord is diverse and we firmly believe that every member adds to our culture. Be it regular lunch meetups or informal sittings to share one’s stories and experiences, our strength lies in the way we connect with each other. The learning atmosphere has also given rise to the culture of book reading and formal book discussions that helps in evaluating and implementing key learnings from some great books of the time. The growth of our people today will ensure growth in the future. For this, Xord organizes various leadership development trainings and programs. The workshops organized for the purpose of polishing the soft skills are a cornerstone of Xord’s culture.

Xord is a blockchain solution provider company. At Xord, we develop decentralized solutions making world trustworthy & secure place, using blockchain technology.