A Web3 R&D Company Contributing to the Blockchain Ecosystem

Xord is a state-of-the-art Web3 research and development company focused on building powerful products across the globe backed by our in-depth research on the latest blockchain protocols and technologies and our gaming and metaverse expertise. With our fully remote setup, we're able to tap into a global pool of talent and collaborate seamlessly across time zones.

We Aim to Make Web3 Usable for 1 Billion People

We believe in the power of blockchain technology to improve people's lives and transform industries and are dedicated to making Web3 technology accessible to a billion people through our innovative products. With a commitment to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible with blockchain technology, we strive to make Web3 a central part of the global digital landscape.

Company Values

Beliefs We Hold Sacred as a Company

Take a peek behind the curtain to see some of the benefits Xordians get.

People are not our most important asset, the right people are
Transparency in decision making
Solve problems with the mindset of Web3.0
Do one thing and do it better than anyone
Fast is better than slow
Nothing is ever good enough
Clock building, not time telling
Freedom & responsibility go hand-in-hand

Build the company now that you want to be then

Making mistakes is better than not making any

Goals must always be impact-driven

It is always better to have a bad plan than no plan at all

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We develop cutting-edge products for the Web3 ecosystem supported by our extensive research on blockchain core and infrastructure.

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