Story of Xord


Xord is a leading Blockchain development and research company in Pakistan.
The foundation of Xord was laid in 2018. Our journey began with the intention to bring transparency and honesty to business processes with Blockchain technology. It was the result of an interest shared by the co-founders of Xord who were classmates back then. Soon a small startup began to take root and started flourishing as more like-minded and keen individuals joined in.

The team grew as more Blockchain enthusiasts continued to be a part of Xord. Not only this but we also strengthened ties with some extraordinary minds of this field who support the company as advisors. We believe in making partners not clients to align our vision with their’s and to strive for a common goal.

xord-team (1)
xord-team (1)

We understand your vision and help transform your ideas into reality with proficiency, creativity, and innovation. We aim to build reliance by integrating Blockchain technology into business processes and improving and scaling Blockchain products.

The Culture We Are Cultivating

We seek high performance.

Our culture is rigorous in implementing exacting standards of high performance at all levels.

Our values are what makes us and we question
actions that are not in line with our values.
We make sure that all the Xordians exhibit these:

Extreme Ownership

High-performance Xordians own the role they play at Xord because they are accountable for every result they produce. You are concerned first and foremost about the good of Xord. We expect you to not only own its problems but also perform at the best of your capabilities to solve them. And in solving the problems, you go beyond treating the symptoms and are able to identify the root causes.

Winning Attitude

We expect you to be intrinsically motivated to do what’s best for Xord. You believe in our vision and always strive hard to achieve the objectives. You are a high performer if you show perseverance in the face of setbacks and stay committed. We value work ethics that oppose analysis-paralysis and favor action over inaction.


Growth Mindset

We value growth mindset so that our people constantly learn and develop new qualities within themselves. We not only prefer creativity in work but also in analyzing problems and solving them in better ways. We expect you to admit your mistakes and believe in constant improvement. For us, high performers are those whose contributions are not limited to their specialties.

We believe in diversity, inclusiveness and having intellectual curiosity. We have created a culture that empowers people to become the best versions of themselves and that is Xord's sustainable competitive advantage. With time, we continue thriving to create meaningful impact in the world through the competence and capability of our team.

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