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We believe that the way to success is to be passionate about what you are doing. Your everyday work can change the world around you. As a team keen on contributing to the technology causing the fourth industrial revolution, we strive to attract like-minded people to contribute even more.

Here you will have access to professional Web3 research & development opportunities across our global network for a career that empowers and builds you up.

Our People, Our Culture

Core Values Every Xordian Exhibits

Our culture is rooted in our past and our founder's commitment towards empowering people. We 
nurture the goal in Xord to build successful leaders out of the people who work with us.

Extreme Ownership

Practice of taking accountability & figuring the best course of actions to contribute towards Xord's vision.

Growth Mindset

Questioning the norms, motivated to learn new things & never backing down from a challenge.

Winning Attitude

Display perseverance & seeing everything through to the end no matter the challenges.


Being upfront about your actions, to form a bond of trust and synergy within the teams.


Handling criticism well, acknowledging your strengths & willing to work on your weaknesses.

Xord Operating System

Our Underlying Processes & Culture Dynamics.

Xord has grown from a mere idea to a fast-growing company. In this
journey, the tree it has grown into is a result of all the people who
stepped in and took charge. We incorporate the true values of Web3 culture in our company.

Thus, we feel it is important to let you know how the recruiting process works here at Xord and what core values all Xordians exhibits. Reading Xord Operating System will give you an overview of what we intrinsically look for in a person to join our team.

Download XOS


Perks of Working at Xord

Take a peek behind the curtain to see some of the benefits Xordians get.

Monetary Benefits

  • Health insurance

  • Gratuity fund

  • Laptop loan

  • Advance salary

Non-Monetary Benefits

  • Web3 culture

  • Flexible hours

  • Open leaves policy

  • Personal development programs

Recreational Activities

  • Gym

  • Book culture

  • Sports tournaments

  • Indoor gaming

Active Offers

Open Positions in Xord

We've come a long way, but there are endless possibilities. Take a look at our current openings to find out where you can get started.


Marketing Lead Marketing Regen
Financial Reporting Analyst Account & Finance Xord
Business Developer Sales & BD Regen
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