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We believe that the way to success is to be passionate about what you are doing. Your everyday work can change the world around you. As a team keen on contributing to the technology causing the fourth industrial revolution, we strive to attract like-minded people to contribute even more.

Here you will have access to professional Web3 research & development opportunities across our global network for a career that empowers and builds you up.

Our Core Values

An Organization is Only as Good as the Individuals Running it

Our core values are the principles to guide decisions and inspire people throughout the organization over a long period of time. We define our core values as:

Extreme Ownership

A culture of discipline where people are given freedom with responsibility by figuring out the best course of action and taking full ownership to contribute toward Xord’s vision.

Growth Mindset

This creates an environment where people always question the norms, are obsessed with learning new things, and see everything through to the end, no matter what challenges come their way.

Personal Humility


Ensures access to information and participation of all Xordians in decision-making at the company level.


Displaying a humble attitude towards everyone and giving credit where it is due.

Xord Operating System

Our Underlying Processes & Culture Dynamics.

Xord has grown from a mere idea to a fast-growing company. In this
journey, the tree it has grown into is a result of all the people who
stepped in and took charge. We incorporate the true values of Web3 culture in our company.

Thus, we feel it is important to let you know how the recruiting process works here at Xord and what core values all Xordians exhibits. Reading Xord Operating System will give you an overview of what we intrinsically look for in a person to join our team.

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Perks of Working at Xord

Take a peek behind the curtain to see some of the benefits Xordians get.

Monetary Benefits

  • Health insurance

  • Vehicle allowance

  • Fuel allowance

  • Laptop loan

  • Advance salary

  • Stock rewards

Non-Monetary Benefits

  • Flexible hours

  • Open leaves policy

  • Book discussions

  • Personal development programs

  • Inclusive learning environment

  • Connect with people from diverse backgrounds

Recreational Activities

  • Fitness facility

  • Sports tournaments

  • Indoor gaming

Active Offers

Open Positions in Xord

We've come a long way, but there are endless possibilities. Take a look at our current openings to find out where you can get started.

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Technical Team lead Engineering Research & Engineering
Business Development Executive Sales Sales and Marketing
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