What is Block X

Block X is a platform where every individual can join and learn blockchain from scratch, share opinions about the latest happenings in the network, and innovate new ideas. In simple words “Blockchain made easy”. Blockchain is now one of the fastest-growing markets with many lucrative opportunities and Block X aims to be at the forefront of providing an ecosystem where we can learn from each other.


Meet Ash

Ash is the mascot of Block X. He made the base of Block X because he is the brother of Satoshi Nakamoto and in the disappearance of Satoshi, he has seen the world going astray and aims to tell the true potential of blockchain to the world and empower people to create an honest world by making blockchain easy for everyone by using the research of his brother.

Block X Community

Keeping our aim in mind, we built a community where our members, or as we like to call them “BXers” come together and help each other through their expertise in blockchain. Here we have discussions about different chains and about the latest news in the blockchain network and motivate each other to move one step forward and innovate new ideas that could solve problems within the blockchain to help Ash in his mission.


Block X University

This is a sub-platform where our BXers learn blockchain through fun and interactive videos and articles based on the papers provided by Ash. It includes all the information of blockchain at every level, from basic to advance.

Block X Challenges

Implementation of every learning is important and for that reason, we present challenges to our BXers in which they implement their skills that they have learned. These challenges are faced by Ash and BXers solve them to help him move forward.

Join us as we explore the world of blockchain and unlock opportunities for everyone.