Decentralized Digital Assets Exchange

Security issues, high cost and requirements of KYC poses problems in centralized asset exchanges. These problems can be tackled by Blockchain through easy access due to its decentralized nature, provision of better security and easy sign-ups.


Digital Asset Cost

The high fees of the third parties (fund managers) as well as full control over the investments makes traditional (centralized) asset exchanges an unviable long term investment opportunity.

Security Issues

Security is a major concern in traditional financial structures as a security breach could result in complete loss of data as the data rests in the hands of the third party.

KYC Required

Traditional financial structures require that the user first sign up and provide their personal information to the platform and then the transactions can take place.


Access to funds at all times without an intermediary

Decentralized digital exchanges makes it possible for the users to have full access to their assets by creating a peer to peer network and the elimination of the third party regulating the transactions.

Peer to Peer network reduces security issues

Decentralized digital exchanges enable peer to peer exchange in a way that the data does not rest in a single space (hence the word decentralized). This enables better security.

No Signup Required

Decentralized digital exchanges require only that the user links their digital wallet to the exchange system to participate in transactions, therefore there is no need to fill cumbersome forms to be eligible to perform transactions online, and user’s privacy is also preserved.

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