Uptrennd allies with Xord

Oct 01, 2019

Today, Uptrennd and Xord announce technology partnership to enhance and scale the Uptrennd platform.

Uptrennd is an altruistic social media company, built on the vision to transfer both wealth and power from the corporations back to people. Uptrennd allows content creators to earn tokens every time their posts and comments are upvoted. Depending on their level on the platform, users can earn up to 10 tokens per upvote they recieve. These tokens can then be traded with any cryptocurrency.

Uptrennd did no ICO and has been built as a fully grassroots platform. Within only 9 months, it has become one of the top 85,000 websites in the world and is on pace to onboard 8,000 users in September alone.

Uptrennd is honored to be partnered with Xord, who will create, deploy, and launch all blockchain integrated solutions on the it's platform.

Xord is a blockchain innovations company that aims to bring efficiency and integrity to company’s processes with Blockchain technology. They help companies build, grow, improve, and scale their blockchain and crypto products. Xord also recently partnered with XIO Startup Network to help startups at the incubator with their technology needs.

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Xord believes alliance brings reliance! We know that there is no better alternative to growth than collaborating with blockchain startups and companies from around the globe.

Please reach out to us if you want to become a partner, get our services, or free blockchain consultation here.

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We develop cutting-edge products for the Web3 ecosystem supported by our extensive research on blockchain core and infrastructure.

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