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Blockchain aspires to play a huge part in the fourth industrial revolution. 

Novon was established in 2020 to take on the most pressing challenges of the blockchain industry, and aims to play its part in promoting adoption of it.


Novon focuses on improving the current technological infrastructure for the blockchain ecosystem. Since its inception, blockchain has proven to be a viable solution to many problems we face today . finance, payments, digital certificates, real estate, supply chains, and many more. But the technology still has a lot of room for improvement, and we here at Novon aspire to contribute to the world by creating the technological solutions that run our world.


Novon is focused on developing solutions that the  layer 1 of public blockchains Some of the areas we are focused on are:


Interoperability means interaction of multiple and different kinds of blockchain with each other. This relieves the burden on any one blockchain. This ensures a much better user experience and fast transaction times. Right now, the opposite is happening. Ethereum is serving as the back-bone of the DeFi revolution which is a good thing, but it would be wrong to assume that only one blockchain will prevail in the end due to the limitations of the inherent architecture of blockchains.   We envision a future where there would be multiple blockchains, and all of them can seamlessly integrate with each other.. At Novon we aim to develop solutions to make the same information available on different blockchains for effortless onboarding and interaction.


In today’s world, blockchain is widely used in decentralized finance and payment use cases. But these areas require high throughput of transactions and low latency. Ethereum, the backbone of DeFi right now, can only process ~12-15 transactions per second. This creates issues with user experience of the ecosystem which results in hurdles in the adoption of the blockchain technology. The current available solutions for scalability are either too complex for normal users to understand or they create too much friction in onboarding and offboarding.

At Novon we aim to develop solutions which are easy to be adopted by any kind of consumer and also develop solutions to provide high throughput to the existing blockchains.


Xord is a blockchain solution provider company. At Xord, We develop decentralized solutions making world trustworthy & secure place, using blockchain technology.