Achieving Milestones Everyday; Xord joins hands with Dafi.

Author: Arham Tariq
July 1, 2021

 |1 min read

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7/1/2021, marks the day when Xord achieved yet another milestone. The team at Xord has delivered to its new client Dafi with their product; the Staking web app launch, where they delivered the frontend, UX and integration of their staking protocol dashboard, Staking and Superpool.

Dafi is a next-generation staking protocol built on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain which allows a user to stake their Dafi tokens and get rewards on it. The idea is to reinvent the networks in such a way that the model distributes the tokens early so that the users can get their rewards without the factor of inflation.  

Just at the end of last month, the team at Xord had officially partnered up with Dafi in its product development as they added Dafi to their client’s list. Dafi, coming onboard, had an expectation from Xord. Astonishingly, Xord expedited the development and delivered more than 60% of the web app and aims to deliver the rest prior to the set deadline.

Moving ahead, Xord, being a blockchain solution innovation company, aims to provide its full support to Dafi. From providing decentralized solutions to refining, improving, and building, Xord will also be working alongside Dafi to improve the incentivization mechanism in staking in the versions to come. Xord is all-in to help Dafi achieve its goals in the best possible way, just like it preaches, to solve the most complex problems of the world using blockchain technology.


Let's build something great together.