Proof of Transfer (PoX) Explained

Introduction: When the initial release of Blockstack core was announced in 2015, it introduced a new concept of Blockchain over Blockchain. It used Bitcoin as an underlying Blockchain for the virtual Stacks Blockchain. It was a new concept. Blockstack had no intention of reinventing the wheel. Participants do not have to spend a tremendous amount… Continue reading Proof of Transfer (PoX) Explained

Writing Your First Smart Contract Using Clarity [Part 1]

Introduction: Blockstack is a platform with a vision of building a decentralized internet. Users are in control of their identity and data. It is a revolutionary shift in how people could use the software, create it and can get benefit from the internet. It puts people back in control.  As we know in today’s world,… Continue reading Writing Your First Smart Contract Using Clarity [Part 1]