History Of Ethereum Hard Forks

Similar to other network and software upgrades, Ethereum concerns birthed the various hard forks. It ranges from security, centralization, fees, scalability, and other Eth 1.0 limitations.
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THORChain: A Decentralized Liquidity Network


THORChain is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity protocol that allows its users to trade digital assets from one blockchain to another in a frictionless, secured and decentralized manner.

Ethereum Plasma: The Ultimate Enlightenment Guide

Ethereum Plasma

Ethereum plasma technology is a second-layer scaling solution for growth. The Plasma technology enables child chains to be designed to meet specific use cases; especially those not currently feasible on the Ethereum blockchain. All decentralized applications that require users to pay huge transaction fees are best suited for Ethereum Plasma.

Optimistic Rollups: What are They?

Optimistic Rollups (ORUs) are layer 2 solution technology helps to scale Ethereum smart contract and Dapps. Optimistic Rollups can scale the Ethereum protocol up to 100 to 2000 transactions per second (TPS). The major advantage it has over other scaling solutions is that it enables Turing-complete smart contracts on layer 2 using Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM). Thus reducing user transaction cost.

Blockchain Scalability: Limitations and Solutions

The astonishingly Bull Run of Bitcoin in 2017 made Blockchain enthusiasts start looking into Blockchain scalability. Due to the popularity of Bitcoin in 2017, the Bitcoin Blockchain reached its current limitation in transaction throughput. There were more people trying to use the network than the network can handle. This led to an increase in transaction… Continue reading Blockchain Scalability: Limitations and Solutions

How is Blockchain Revamping The Supply Chain Industry

Blockchain for Supply Chain

What is supply chain management? The supply chain management is a process of managing a chain or network of activities, individuals, procedures, organizations, and resources that are involved in the execution of the flow of materials from the supplier for its distribution to customers in the most economical way. That is to say, the supply… Continue reading How is Blockchain Revamping The Supply Chain Industry