Ace Addresses And Signatures With Bitcoin

Bitcoin ensures ownership through digital keys, bitcoin addresses, and digital signatures. How do they actually work?

Digital Identification on the Blockchain with Microsoft’s ION

Microsoft ION is a layer 2 DID network running atop the Bitcoin blockchain that allows users to create and authenticate digital identification on the blockchain.

DeFi Lending: A Primer

Introduction Today, lending is one of the most important financial activities in society. It fuels economic growth and facilitates commercial activities. The size of the world’s debt markets as of 2020 was estimated to be more than $281 trillion, more than three times the world’s annual output.  This paper focuses on DeFi lending markets being… Continue reading DeFi Lending: A Primer

Connext: A Guide To Multichain Ethereum

Connext is an Ethereum based interoperable platform that enables rapid, noncustodial transfers between Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chains and layer 2 solutions.

Xord Partners up with Bees Social, the World’s First Blockchain Educational DAO

Being one of the best sites to learn about the blockchain technology to be most reliable for comparing an exchange platform, the collaboration of Xord with Bees Social ( has extended variations in the world of DEXes by simplifying the liquidity exchange from different swapping sites. Xord has emphasized on security during exchanging DeFi protocols… Continue reading Xord Partners up with Bees Social, the World’s First Blockchain Educational DAO

Solana: Exploring the Blockchain

Solana is a web-scale, high performance Blockchain, which aims to achieve high transaction speed without compromising decentralization.

Bitcoin: Dawn Of Innovation

A Bitcoin Blockchain is a digital ledger that records bitcoin transactions, allows user to transact funds peer-to-peer.

Uncovering Stablecoins

Stablecoins Stablecoins are digital currencies that aim to be non-fluctuating assets similar to regular currencies used across countries to buy goods and services. The national currencies issued by governments are important in making economies function as, despite inflation, fluctuating exchange rates, and other factors, the value of most of these currencies do not fluctuate much… Continue reading Uncovering Stablecoins

History Of Ethereum Hard Forks

Similar to other network and software upgrades, Ethereum concerns birthed the various hard forks. It ranges from security, centralization, fees, scalability, and other Eth 1.0 limitations.
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EIP-1559: An Upgrade To Ethereum Fee Model

The EIP-1559 proposal aims to strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem by making the transaction fee more predictable.