Blockzero is building the world’s first token studio with Xord

Author: Javeria Afzal
November 30, 2020

 |1 min read

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Blockzero labs

We are thrilled to announce that Xord is helping build the first-ever token studio. The Blockzero Labs launches tokens into the decentralized world. Here the community builds experimental tokens that are given away to the $XIO holders. The Studio follows a four-step model. It explores and carefully picks the most compelling ideas, builds an architecture to experiment with the viability of that idea. After building the MVT (Minimum Viable Token), it launches the token. The final step is scaling the idea that in-turn depends on the community’s feedback.

The Blockzero Labs developed $Flash which is the first Flashstaking protocol. The core of Flashstaking protocol is the Flash token itself. Therefore, this protocol can become a basis for building many applications and the citizens can gain upfront rewards by staking their Flash tokens.
From designing the architecture to building applications to run on Flashstaking protocol, Xord has been helping Blockzero in the research and development of the world’s first token studio.

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