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Why is Resource Pricing a Big Deal in Blockchain?

TL;DR: In this article, we are gonna discuss what resource pricing in blockchain means and how we can limit and […]

Lodestar Setup Tutorial

Introduction So what exactly is Lodestar? As the name implies, it is the star that guides our path towards a […]

A Roller-Coaster Ride to Open-Source Contribution in Ethereum 2.0

Introduction I want to share our roller-coaster ride to open-source contribution in Ethereum, which started with exploring the Ethereum client […]

Curve DAO: A Brief Outlook To The Mechanism Of DAO

Introduction: Curve DAO token (CRV) is an Ethereum token that is powered by Curve finance. Which can be stated as […]

MEV: Explain Like I Am Five

What is MEV? The term MEV was initially proposed by Phil Daian in "Flash Boys 2.0," and it has since […]

Verkle Trees: A Step towards Stateless Ethereum

This is the last post of our series on stateless Ethereum. Earlier, in the previous articles we have discussed the […]

Kate Commitments: A Polynomial Scheme

Our previous article was a depiction of how polynomial commitments can create a disruptive path in building stateless clients in […]

Polynomial Commitments For Stateless Clients

In our previous article we have described what stateless clients are, why they are important and how we can achieve […]

Wei to the Future

Introduction As discussed in the previous article, Novon is contributing to the blockchain world in the form of research and […]

Stateless Clients: The Concept Behind

Ever wonder why the Ethereum community is challenging the incomprehensible ideas for scalability? Why the researchers are persistently experimenting with […]

Zooming Out Of Geth

Introduction Go-ethereum (also known as geth) is the piece of code, written in Go, that secures the Ethereum network, a […]

Gas Tokens: Analysis & The Future

This publication will explore gas tokens and their future. Ethereum & Gas Ethereum Blockchain grabbed people’s attention as a Turing […]

Novon: A Beginning without an End

About Novon Founded in June 2021, Novon is an in-house research center of Xord. And as a research and development […]

Nexus Mutual: A Decentralized Insurance Mutual

Nexus Mutual is a decentralized community-backed insurance platform which uses the blockchain technology to allow people from all over the world to share insurance risk together.

Synthetix: Derivatives On The Blocks

Synthetix is Ethereum-based protocol that allows for the issuance of synthetic assets which are collateralized by the Synthetix Token. Read more

DAI Stablecoin: The Philosophy Behind

Dai is a cryptocurrency-backed stable coin that can be generated by keeping any asset as a collateral in the protocol. According to the whitepaper of Maker protocol, Dai is a decentralized, unbiased, collateral backed cryptocurrency soft pegged to the US dollar. Read more in this article.

Chainlink: An Encyclopedic Study

Chainlink is a fully decentralized oracle network that enables access to real-world data to smart contracts in Blockchain. Read details in our article.

Flash Ecosystem: An In-depth Explanation

Flash protocol is an on-chain Ethereum Blockchain protocol. The protocol enables users to stake tokens and earn rewards immediately.

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