Author: Abdul Qadir
| Mar 09, 2022
Extracting MEV incurs externalities, like increasing the congestion of the network and gas wars which eventually increase gas costs for […]
Author: Rabia Ahmed
| Dec 10, 2021
What is MEV? The term MEV was initially proposed by Phil Daian in "Flash Boys 2.0," and it has since […]

2D Reed Solomon Encoded Merkle Tree Construction

  Introduction:  In our previous article Merkle Tree construction we had briefly discussed the formation of the Merkle Tree using […]


Reed Solomon Codes: A Classical Explanation

Ever wondered how satellite communication works when there is so much noise in the environment? Or how can we still […]

Cosmos: An Architectural Guide

Cosmos is Cosmos creates an interconnected network of app-specific sovereign blockchains via IBC. Explore Tendermint, IBC and zones in this post.


Fraud and Data Availability Proofs

In recent times, we on twitter are witnessing a frequent discussion about the Data Availability Problem and its importance. There […]

Rollups 101: The Classification

This article explores the different types of rollups i.e. Sovereign, enshrined, Smart Contract and settlement Rollups. Click to read more

Optimism Bedrock: An Early Guide

Optimism is an EVM compatible rollup, which has an upgrading coming out in Q4 of 2022 named Optimism bedrock. Read more in this publication.

Merged: Finally... It happened!

It seems like it has been ages since we started hearing about the transition of Ethereum from PoW to PoS. Today, Sept 15 2022, 06:42:59 AM +UTC, marks the time it finally happened. Read about it in this pos

Why is Resource Pricing a Big Deal in Blockchain?

TL;DR: In this article, we are gonna discuss what resource pricing in blockchain means and how we can limit and […]

Multi-Party Computation Protocol for Universal SNARKs

ZK-SNARKs are mostly popular for publicly verifiable computations. They rely on common reference strings (CRS) for proving and verifying. Subversion […]

The Trusted Setup of ZK-SNARK

Special thanks to Shakeib Shaida and Zainab Hasan for reviewing my article. Zero-knowledge proofs are cryptographically advanced proofs which are […]

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