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Multi-Party Computation Protocol for Universal SNARKs

ZK-SNARKs are mostly popular for publicly verifiable computations. They rely on common reference strings (CRS) for proving and verifying. Subversion […]

The Trusted Setup of ZK-SNARK

Special thanks to Shakeib Shaida and Zainab Hasan for reviewing my article. Zero-knowledge proofs are cryptographically advanced proofs which are […]

Painting Mental Picture of Zero-Knowledge

Introduction Learning zero knowledge can feel like an impossible task, especially for people who have very little exposure to cryptography […]

The Advent Of STARKs With IOPs

STARKs revolves around the idea of computational integrity, which essentially means that the output of a specific computation is correct. […]

ZK-SNARKs: The Low Level Working

Currently at Xord we are researching ZK-SNARKs in depth.  Although Maksym Petkus does an excellent job of explaining why and […]

Lattice-Based Cryptography: Zero Knowledge

Introduction In my previous research we discussed about Lattice-based cryptography and now we will use lattice cryptography to built our […]

Explaining Quadratic Arithmetic Programs

This article is greatly inspired by Vitalik explanation on Quadratic arithmetic programs(QAPs). In this article we are going to take a […]

Lattice Based Cryptography: A Post Quantum Era

Introduction: For the last few years, quantum computers have been in the news and mathematicians and cryptographers are concerned with […]

Zero-Knowledge Proofs: A General Understanding

Introduction Over the years, banks became quite a crucial part of the lifestyle. They provide the best user experience possible. […]

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