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We provide blockchain solutions by harnessing the limitless potential of blockchain technology alongside consultations led by industry experts to create a trustless future.

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DApp Development

We provide cutting-edge Web3 dApp development services to navigate and accelerate your journey, from UI/UX design to complete dApp development till a successful launch.

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Infrastructure Development

We can help you to build core infrastructure for the decentralized web ensuring modular blockchain philosophy, including Rollups, Settlement Bridges, Sovereign Blockchains, and Application-Specific Rollups.

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Blockchain Consultation

Leverage the technical expertise of the best minds at Xord to solve your technology challenges and acquire the capabilities needed to excel in the Web3 space.

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Decentralized Finance

From tokenomics design to complete DeFi application development, we build the right instruments to increase financial security, transparency, and support an integrated and standardized economic system.

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NFT Development

Conquer the most infamous and lucrative industry of Web3 with our NFT development services and explore groundbreaking use cases of NFTs to provide real-world experience and create success stories.

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Enterprise Blockchain

Combining our product management skills and technical capabilities, we can help you build a business-specific blockchain. Unite your subject matter knowledge with our expertise to bring an innovative shift to your organization.

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Audit & Tokenomics

We cultivate veterans in web security through our expertise in blockchain quality assurance, smart contract auditing, dApp penetration testing, tokenomics design and financial model optimization.

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Gaming & Metaverse

We engineer and design games with inviting experiences to make Web3 more adaptable. Our expertise in blockchain technology combined with gamification ignites the confidence to build your next groundbreaking idea.

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We strive to assist you throughout your product development cycle to attain its maximum potential

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We develop cutting-edge products for the Web3 ecosystem supported by our extensive research on blockchain core and infrastructure.

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