What is Token Development?

A revolutionary step to exclude human factors and guarantee the safety of all tokenized data. Used to convert real assets into digital assets and to minimize the usage of weakly-protected data by replacing it with a token which makes it difficult for fraudster to intercept sensitive information as it passes between the point of sale and the card provider.

Problems that tokenization solves


Regulatory Alignment

Regulatory alignment is an issue especially since blockchains are decentralized. Security tokens are heavily regulated with respect to the jurisdiction they are traded in – Specially when it comes to international trading. If the blockchain is implemented for token trading, it will be difficult to establish relevant laws to regulate this market.

Smart Contracts across blockchain to fix regulatory issues

The regulatory requirements can be solved by embedding compliance terms at the token level by creating smart contracts that fulfil the Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and other relevant regulations.

Benefits of having
token development implemented


Faster settlement


Increased liquidity


Lower costs


Bolstered risk management

How do we do it differently

By providing Ethereum based tokens, Xord helps you digitize traditional securities by integrating blockchain technology solutions to make illiquid assets liquid and enables customers to launch new products and services by providing solutions to digitize assets, launch markets and reduce operational costs.


It works with a variety of capital market stakeholders, including asset managers, institutional traders, fund or asset owners, family offices, software companies, and other organizations in the digital asset ecosystem.


Coming together in a “token economy”, these benefits are designed to bring a more efficient and fairer financial world that reduces the traditional barriers to creating, buying, and selling securities.

Case Studies

Tipply Tank

Tipply is an ERC1155 NFT presented as a digital pet in the form of fish that you have to take care of from an egg till it grows up.


Clients & Partners

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