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Empowering Leaders To Create An Honest World

Xord Ventures is a venture studio aiming to build & invest in next-generation Web3 startups leading the change towards a transparent and decentralized future.

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We Are Relentlessly Working To Contribute To The Ever-Evolving World Of Web3 Technology

We are mission-driven to make the promise of web3 a reality. We achieve this by researching and funding breakthrough ideas and empowering leaders to build the infrastructure, protocols, and products to create an honest, transparent, and open world.

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Our Underlying Processes & Culture Dynamics.

We have an in-house state-of-the-art research lab focusing on ZK, MEV, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, … to discover areas needing contribution including a flagship incubation program designed using years of learning & experience rapidly taking a startup/product from market research, marketing, and development towards launch.

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Our Underlying Processes & Culture Dynamics.

We make investments into visionary founders & impactful projects, turning the inevitable web3 future into reality. We have extensive and proven experience in building, working with industry leaders, and helping next-generation Web3 startups build, secure, market, launch & scale their products.

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Get access to in-house experts that have helped develop & launch disruptive Web3 startups. If you are mission-driven & have a proposition for advancing the web3 world, reach out for incubation, investment, or guidance. Let's work together to maximize your network, growth & impact for the greater good.

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