If something is important enough, we do it even if the odds are against us. Fortunately, we have cultivated this culture and invested in ideas that we firmly believe in.

VoirStudio (2)

A development studio that builds innovative DeFi protocols and products. We believe that decentralization is the future, and with it comes decentralized finance. VoirStudio aims to bring innovation to DeFi industry.

ExpediteDesign (1)

At Expedite, Design looks like art and feels like poetry. A company that caters to all the design needs of any organization. Being the first startup to get Incubation at Xord, Expedite Design has come a long way.

BlockApex (2)


BlockApex is a smart contract audit venture, founded under the banner of Xord. We provide audits as a service for Ethereum-based smart contracts.


Research on solutions for blockchain scalability & interoperability, modeling finances with adaptable identity & governance for decentralized space.

Our ventures plays a significant part in contributing to our vision of on boarding the next billion users into the world of blockchain and decentralized finance thereby creating meaningful impact in the lives of people.

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