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Xord's Task: To help the open-source COVID19 initiative 'Vaccify' get off the ground and gain traction.


Vaccify is an open-source COVID-19 initiative by TrustNet PK. TrustNet is an industry-networked initiative to build an ecosystem, based on Self-Sovereign Identity. This ecosystem is for the markets that handle personal data. These ecosystems will allow people and organizations to be in control of their private data across industries.

About Vaccify:

The vision behind Vaccify is to develop a digital vaccination ecosystem based on SSI and Blockchain. Once we have the vaccine for SARs-COVID19. This ecosystem will work to allow public and private sectors to provide digital vaccination identities to vaccinated people. It will also help them verify their vaccination whenever required.

Vaccify is built to provide Blockchain solutions to healthcare facilities and laboratories all around Pakistan. People would need credentials as proof of their vaccination against COVID19. Therefore, Vaccify will enable healthcare institutes to send digital credentials to people directly on their smartphones. The credential would also contain the COVID19 status of the vaccinated person. The other problem post-COVID world would be facing is the hindrance in traveling around the world. Vaccify would enable aviation authorities in verifying the vaccination status of people.

To carry out this whole process there is no need for integration between an issuer and a verifier. Consequently, the cost of operations would be low as compared to the traditional approach.

Since this system is based on Blockchain, it will provide some clear advantages over paper credentials:

  1. The cryptographic verification of the vaccination status of a person does not reveal information to mediators/third parties. Hence it maintains the confidentiality of the data.
  2. Due to Blockchain, all the information it stores will be immutable. This would provide people with more autonomy and makes the service more user-centric.
  3. Digital credentials will be issued in no time.
  4. Unlike paper credentials, digital credentials would be easily reversed if a false certificate has been issued.
  5. Speaking of its trust interoperability, a digital credential issued in Pakistan can be verified anywhere in the world.

Our Contributions:

Through open-source contribution, Xord collaborated in developing Vaccify’s proof-of-concept. This PoC helps in demonstrating how Vaccify will work in the real world. The technologies used to develop this PoC include:

Hyperledger Indy:

To issue identity and credentials we used Hyperledger Indy Blockchain at the backend.

Hyperledger Aries:

We used Hyperledger Aries to facilitating data exchange. It allows interaction between blockchains such as Hyperledger Indy and distributed ledger technologies.

React Framework:

We used the React Native framework to create front-end wallet applications.

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How Vaccify Our Works:

Certificate issuance

After vaccination, the hospital issues a digitally signed credential to the person. It contains a person’s information, vaccination details, and COVID status. As the hospital is enabled with a Blockchain-based system, the certificate is sent to the mobile wallet app on his/her smartphone. After scanning a QR code presented by the issuer, the person gets a vaccination certificate.

Certificate verification

The person may need to verify his vaccination certificate whenever he would have to book a flight and at the time of boarding. By scanning a QR code the person will be able to verify digital cryptographic proof of his vaccination at the time of booking a ticket. The person can also prove his vaccination through QR scanning at the time of boarding a flight.



Vaccify is also a part of the COVID Credentials Initiative (CCI). It is a global initiative to reduce the spread of COVID19, strengthen societies and economies by supporting projects that utilize Verifiable Credentials (VCs). Verifiable digital credential technology is approved by international organizations. It is also powering projects in numerous other sectors.

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