BlockUnblock: A Blockchain Awareness Initiative by Novon

Dec 03, 2021

Xord along with its research team Novon conducted the BlockUnblock R&D meetup at NED University to strengthen the blockchain realm in Pakistan. This was the first educational event conducted by our community Blockship. A lot of students and teachers participated in this event proving decentralization to be the true democracy on the future of the internet as a lot of people stand on the same ground in terms of security. Seeing the blockchain enthusiasm among the new generation gives Xord an empowering hope for the future of blockchain in Pakistan.

Our representatives (Samra, Zainab, Abdul Sami, Shakeib, and Salman) emphasized the importance of blockchain and the power it holds on the world, and how Pakistan can also contribute to it in many ways. We cleared the misconceptions surrounding the space of blockchain about how the majority confines the idea of blockchain with only Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and how the blockchain is more about shifting the whole internet into a new realm and giving the public the authority in the form of web 3.0, the future of the internet with true democracy.

Moreover, our team was seen interacting with every blockchain-curious attendee by answering all the questions during the session and the meetup after the session with constant dedication. It was a moment of joy and pride for Xord to witness such blockchain passion among the people.

We develop cutting-edge products for the Web3 ecosystem supported by our extensive research on blockchain core and infrastructure.

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