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We believe in challenging the status quo and creating meaningful change in the lives of people leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

We intend to on-board the next billion users into the world of blockchain by creating simple and human-centric applications.

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The smartest and the most passionate blockchain engineers, marketers and developers to work on innovative projects across many industries impacting lives in unimaginable ways.

Case studies


Tipply Tank

Tipply is an ERC1155 NFT presented as a digital pet in the form of fish that you have to take care of from an egg till it grows up. You control its upbringing by feeding, dressing, and much more by keeping it in your own tank. The Tipply can be traded on the Enjin Market place as these are Enjin Tradable NFT’s. Each Tipply is one of its own kind and has its own worth in the market. This worth is defined by their age, the level they are currently on, and what kind they belong to.



Numio App

Numio is based on the idea to simplify the adoption of blockchain and they work on identity-based blockchain technology. They believe that a person should securely own his digital assets and online identity. To keep things simple they have made the design of the apps basic and handles all the complicated technicalities in the background.


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