OVO is a private, non-custodial, and blockchain agnostic wallet with the most user-friendly user experience. Send, receive, and swap tokens on multiple blockchains, and pay the fees in your desired tokens.

OVO has been specially designed to onboard the next billion users into the blockchain space.

The 3 Key Features that can be extracted from this statement are:

  • User Friendly Interface helps onboard more users into Defi.
  • Relayers ease the pain of holding ETH Balance for transactions.

  • Non-custodial, cross-blockchain (blockchain agnostic) wallet.


Voir takes advantage of the liquidity locked in the Uniswap protocol to issue overcollateralized stable coins. Users provide liquidity in the Uniswap protocol and they would have the opportunity to lock their LP tokens and mint themselves VOIR tokens.

Some features of Voir protocol are:

  • Interest-free stable coin issued on billions of dollars of Uniswap’s locked liquidity.
  • The address that generates VOIR keeps all the fees that are generated on their assets being locked on Uniswap V3.
  • A governance token is issued to addresses that provide liquidity on Uniswap and lock their assets to generate VOIR token.
  • A user’s assets are liquidated if their collateral is below the collateral ratio.
  • VOIR token maintains its soft-peg to USD by keeping collateral over a certain ratio similar to DAI.



Smart contracts are a big groundbreaking step towards connecting parties on prescribed terms, which eliminates the risk of hostility and bad acting without the need of a mediator. Ethereum is a cutting edge technology that allows organisations to make their own smart contracts efficiently. However, in order to trust the inner workings of the smart contract, an audit has to be conducted.

The usability of each Ethereum Smart Contract is based solely on the quality and security of the code that it implements. A vulnerable code could become the leading cause of a smart contract to fail as bad actors attack contracts which are used rapidly and will try to find any weakness in the code to gain commercial benefits or just to decrease the stature of the protocol.

In order to secure the Ethereum chain with invulnerable smart contracts, BlockApex along with its revolutionary team provides state-of-the-art security audits which identifies unfortified flaws through analysis of usability and triggers the smart contract.


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