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Fortifying the move towards decentralization.

Ethereum Smart Contract Audit & Security.

BlockApex is a smart contract audit venture, founded under the banner of XORD. We provide audits as a service for Ethereum-based smart contracts. We inspect each line of your codebase in order to look for potential risk elements or loopholes that can jeopardize your contract. This rigorous process is aimed to eliminate the probability of your contract being exploited and to add an extra layer of fortification to your project.



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The most user friendly, non-custodial blockchain
agnostic wallet.

The only wallet you need.

OVO is the world’s first wallet to fully utilize the power of ENS by enabling users to send and receive their tokens across multiple blockchains, ranging from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, PolkaDot, and Binance Smart Chain, on a single address. Furthermore, we also enable cross-blockchain swaps, solving one of the biggest frictions in blockchain today.


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