Xord’s Strategic Shift to Focus on Web3 Products

Xord announces that it will be shifting its focus from providing development and consultancy services to building in-house web3 products.

Xord Attends Web3Dubai; A Conference for Builders and Non-Tech People

Xord became a part of Web3Dubai 2022, a conference for the builders and creators in the web3 space. Web3Dubai is […]

Xord Organizes Web3 Disrupt: The Biggest Web3 Conference of Pakistan

Web3 Disrupt featured speaker sessions, panel discussions, multiple workshops, a hackathon, and career counseling for the attendees to get a chance to talk to professionals working in the web3 space and kick-start their careers in Web3. 

Xord Launches Shield: A Testing and Development Framework for Zero-Knowledge

Shield is releasing its initial version, v.0.1.0. This version will allow users to initialize a boilerplate with Javascript/Typescript or Plonk/Groth16. Whereas in the near future, updated versions will be released with further perks and integrations.

Xord Uplifts The Web3.0 Summit As A Sponsor

Salman Khan, in his keynote speech, talked about how Xord is contributing in the form of research and development and how BlockshipDAO is creating an ecosystem to foster and accelerate the adoption of Web3 through learning tracks, events and podcasts whereas Shakeib Shaida became a part of a panel discussion where the speakers gave insights on “How far away are we from a true Web3 experience?”.

Xord From First Principles; Make Web3 Usable for 1 Billion People

Xord’s vision to onboard 1 billion users on Web3 can be imagined as our contribution to making the world decentralized, transparent, and honest. The dawn of the 4th industrial revolution is inevitable, and we are positive that through the initiatives taken by Xord, this transition can be accelerated.

VoirStudio Transitions into Xord Ventures; Now Building and Investing in Web3 Startups

Xord has always been a strong proponent of Web3. In an effort to make the vision of Web3 a reality, […]

Xord Attends ETHDubai as the Silver Sponsor

This year, Xord attended ETHDubai as one of the Silver sponsors of the event to promote the vision of an […]

Xord; Advancing towards Research & Development

Introduction Xord has uplifted the Web3 space while creating an influential impact on the network. Although new structures still need […]

Xord Launches Blockchain Vision Paper

Blockchain technology is groundbreaking, and it holds the potential to influence every aspect of technology. The outlook of blockchain has […]

Pakistan’s First Pull Request by Xord Merged on Ethereum

Xord hits the landmark of contribution in blockchain in Pakistan by successfully getting their pull request merged on Ethereum. This story […]

Xord’s Achievements in The Year 2021

The year 2021 was a roller coaster ride. Through all the ups and downs, twists and turns, Xord continued to […]

Xord Makes Its First Pull Request on Ethereum Representing Pakistan

Xord being one of the most prominent, leading blockchain-based research and development companies of Pakistan has once again hit a […]

BlockUnblock: A Blockchain Awareness Initiative by Novon

Xord along with its research team Novon conducted the BlockUnblock R&D meetup at NED University to strengthen the blockchain realm […]

Xord introduces Blockship, a Global Blockchain Community

Xord is one of the leading international blockchain organizations that also spreads enlightenment about blockchain technology around the world. Seeing […]

Metadot Stands Runners Up in Encode's Hackathon

Metadot is a product of DAppzero which is an Xord company. Metadot has proved itself by securing the second position […]

Xord Company VoirStudio Launches Product Unipilot on Ethereum Mainnet

VoirStudio, an Xord’s venture is evolving blockchain by its outstanding product Unipilot. Unipilot has successfully resolved the liquidity optimization issue […]

Xord Exhibiting Blockchain at the GITEX Tech Week 2021 Dubai

Xord is exhibiting itself at Gitex 2021 tech week Dubai to empower and educate more people about the concept of […]

Xord Partners With Bees Social: World's First Blockchain Educational DAO

Being one of the best sites to learn about the blockchain technology to be most reliable for comparing an exchange […]

Xord Enhances the Blockchain Industry
Xord x Protokol Partnership

Xord have joined hands with Protokol for the development of their DApp. Protokol is a blockchain oriented marketing platform which […]

Unipilot successfully launched ”$PILOT” token, now aims to launch its protocol

27/7/2021, a very esteemed day for Unipilot as the liquidity for their token crossed over $1 million, and its transaction […]

Achieving Milestones Everyday; Xord joins hands with Dafi.

7/1/2021, marks the day when Xord achieved yet another milestone. The team at Xord has delivered to its new client […]

Novon; Xord’s Blockchain Research and Experimentation Center

We believe that the world is moving away from the idea of “one blockchain to rule them all”, and more […]

VoirStudio becomes the first company to be a part of Xord Ventures

Every company exists to create value for others. In a world that is constantly changing, we need innovation and the […]

Xord launches BlockApex; An in-house smart contract audit venture

Xord has been constantly expanding into uncharted territory since day 1. Taking risks and striving for more has been on the […]

Blockzero launched the world's first Flashstaking Protocol with the help of Xord

We are pleased to announce that on January 1, 2021, Xord helped Blockzero launch Flash protocol. Being the first protocol […]

TrustNet joins hands with Xord

Advancing with the vision to foster Blockchain adoption, Xord announces its partnership with TrustNet, a foundation focused on setting up […]

Uptrennd allies with Xord

Today, Uptrennd and Xord announce technology partnership to enhance and scale the Uptrennd platform. Uptrennd is an altruistic social media […]

XORD partners with BOMBX to start a new journey

Today marks a very important day in our company's history as we are pleased to announce that Xord is becoming […]

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