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Xord Exhibiting Blockchain at the GITEX Tech Week 2021 Dubai

Xord is exhibiting itself at Gitex 2021 tech week Dubai to empower and educate more people about the concept of decentralization, transparency, and ledger-based data hashing for developing a secure platform, all in all advocating the limitless potential of Blockchain technology. Gitex is an annual tech expo occurring in Dubai trade Centre where innovators and tech experts from all around the globe represent their contribution to the upcoming technology of the future. This exhibition is said to be one of the largest technology Expos in the world almost 150,019 visitors and 121 nationalities visit, participate and represent themselves in this...
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Xord Partners up with Bees Social, the World’s First Blockchain Educational DAO

Being one of the best sites to learn about the blockchain technology to be most reliable for comparing an exchange platform, the collaboration of Xord with Bees Social ( has extended variations in the world of DEXes by simplifying the liquidity exchange from different swapping sites. Xord has emphasized on security during exchanging DeFi protocols by partnering up with has claimed to be the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which has educated numerous users from their DApp and their YouTube channel about the developmental changes occurring in the Blockchain sphere and the impacts inflicted from this technology...
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Xord Enhances the Blockchain Industry
Xord x Protokol Partnership

31/8/2021; Xord have joined hands with Protokol for the development of their DApp. Protokol is a blockchain oriented marketing platform which aims to solve the passive marketing issues present in  the blockchain space. Xord has always envisioned creating a huge impact in the DeFi world and has thus taken over this revolutionary project as they dedicate themselves towards building a stronger blockchain marketing ecosystem. Xord’s collaboration with Protokol will bring progressive changes in this system, as they have always been working towards elevating the blockchain industry in many ways, the Xord and Protokol partnership would bring a huge impact on...
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Unipilot successfully launched ”$PILOT” token, now aims to launch its protocol

27/7/2021, a very esteemed day for Unipilot as the liquidity for their token crossed over $1 million, and its transaction volume crossed $2 million in 24 hours. Earlier this week Unipilot had a stealth launch of their own token and the response from the Unipilot community was overwhelming. Within an hour of the launch on 20th of July, the liquidity of the PILOT token on the Uniswap exchange hit a whopping $1 million within a day, and is sure to skyrocket in the near future. Along with all the good news, there is still more. Unipilot will be launching its...
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Achieving Milestones Everyday; Xord joins hands with Dafi.

7/1/2021, marks the day when Xord achieved yet another milestone. The team at Xord has delivered to its new client Dafi with their product; the Staking web app launch, where they delivered the frontend, UX and integration of their staking protocol dashboard, Staking and Superpool. Dafi is a next-generation staking protocol built on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain which allows a user to stake their Dafi tokens and get rewards on it. The idea is to reinvent the networks in such a way that the model distributes the tokens early so that the users can get their rewards without the...
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Novon; Xord’s Blockchain Research and Experimentation Center

We believe that the world is moving away from the idea of “one blockchain to rule them all”, and more towards many chains serving different needs and markets, with several general-purpose chains. The future is blockchain agnostic. While projects like Polkadot and Polygon have made great strides towards that vision, this world is still a long way away from reality. Novon is our attempt at making a contribution to that vision. At Novon, we are rethinking blockchain from scratch, and asking fundamental questions as to why we even need blockchain. Novon is going to act as a research and experiment...
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VoirStudio becomes the first company to be a part of Xord Incubator

Every company exists to create value for others. In a world that is constantly changing, we need innovation and the ability to create value at a fast pace. Since Xord’s founding in 2019, Xord has been a proponent of innovation in the blockchain space. For the last one year, we have stepped on the gas pedal, and have many new startups and products in the works. Xord Incubator allows us to focus on exploring the innovative terrain in the blockchain space, to better manage the growing number of companies in our ecosystem, and to provide an opportunity for others to...
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