VoirStudio Transitions into Xord Ventures; Now Building and Investing in Web3 Startups

May 26, 2022

Xord has always been a strong proponent of Web3. In an effort to make the vision of Web3 a reality, Xord launched several ventures last year, including VoirStudio, a development studio that builds new and innovative DeFi protocols.

We believe that innovation requires change. Xord recently moved towards becoming a Web3 Research & Development Company that believes in open-source contributions alongside product development and blockchain solutions. We are more focused than ever before. As a part of this transition, we are proud to announce that VoirStudio is transforming into Xord Ventures. The core purpose of VoirStudio was to grow Decentralized Finance so that more people could be financially free. But this transition will help us cater to a broader audience with an even more grandeur vision.

Xord Ventures is a venture studio aiming to build & invest in next-generation Web3 startups leading the change towards a transparent and decentralized future.

The mission of Xord Ventures is to make the promise of Web3 a reality by researching, developing, and funding breakthrough ideas and empowering leaders to build the infrastructure, protocols, and products to create an honest world. Furthermore, we aim to continue developing new ventures and join hands with visionary founders and startups that believe in our vision of a transparent and decentralized future.

The beginning of Xord Ventures is a great milestone for Xord as we broaden our horizons in the Web3 space. Moreover, this is going to prove as an opportunity for startups to establish themselves and create value in the Web3 ecosystem under experienced supervision.

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