TrustNet joins hands with Xord

Jun 19, 2020

Advancing with the vision to foster Blockchain adoption, Xord announces its partnership with TrustNet, a foundation focused on setting up locally governed identity networks in Pakistan.

TrustNet is an initiative intended to build a digital infrastructure by the adoption of decentralization and SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity). Although it is quite difficult to homogenize it with commercial services, TrustNet has a way to deal with these challenges and to ensure national and international interoperability through the use of the newest technology. Its objective is to mainstream the knowledge of Blockchain and SSI. TrustNet is dedicated to organizing cross-industry trials, development of POCs, and open source contributions. It is working towards the availability of secure digital identity for each individual by the cooperation of different industry identity-based networks.

COVID-19 Initiative is an open-source initiative of TrustNet. The purpose behind it is to solve current and post-COVID19 problems of the world by means of Blockchain technology. TrustNet has also joined hands with a global initiative called COVID Credential Initiative (CCI) to fight the challenges our world would be facing after COVID-19. Learn more about TrustNet COVID-19 Initiative here.

Xord is a blockchain innovation company with the objective of building a future with advancements in Blockchain technology. It provides decentralized solutions to businesses and organizations, refining their ideas, and then bringing them to life. Xord helps businesses grow, improve, and build reliance by fusing their processes with Blockchain technology.

This partnership aligns with our mission and vision. By means of this alliance, we can broaden our horizons and can help provide the world with better solutions.

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Learn more about TrustNet here.

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