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Xord x Protokol Partnership

Aug 31, 2021

Xord have joined hands with Protokol for the development of their DApp. Protokol is a blockchain oriented marketing platform which aims to solve the passive marketing issues present in  the blockchain space.

Xord has always envisioned creating a huge impact in the DeFi world and has thus taken over this revolutionary project as they dedicate themselves towards building a stronger blockchain marketing ecosystem.

Xord’s collaboration with Protokol will bring progressive changes in this system, as they have always been working towards elevating the blockchain industry in many ways, the Xord and Protokol partnership would bring a huge impact on the DeFi world as well as with this partnership both the entities aim to prosper.

Xord has committed itself to work in developing the complete DApp including the UI/UX design of Protokol. Currently the MVP for Protokol is under the process of development and is destined to bring progressive changes in the future of DeFi world. The awareness of Protokol is crucial in the blockchain market as the technology will prosper and have its own ground soon. This partnership has brought exceptional augmentation to the blockchain industry.

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