Metadot Stands Runners Up in Encode's Hackathon

Nov 26, 2021

Metadot is a product of DAppzero which is an Xord company. Metadot has proved itself by securing the second position in the Polkadot Hackathon powered by Encode club in the "Building DApp" category. Metadot is a free non-custodial browser extension wallet that is expected to support all possible parachains on Polkadot along with their test networks on Kusama. It enables users to send and receive funds and, in the future, we will be supporting crucial features like swapping, governance, etc. The wallet is open for anyone to use and experiment on. DAppzero gives stakeholders and investors to learn and test the durability of the Metadot wallet while our team works on perfecting it.

Xord along with its venture DAppzero has a history of working on numerous outstanding projects like Metadot that enable users to be a part of decentralized finance. The element which makes Metadot stand out is that it is quickly expanding to support test networks and its fast-paced development while giving a better user experience.

Metadot has brought infinite possibilities for developmental progress in the blockchain space for Xord and soon will be launching its beta version. Metadot wallet is expected to be the foremost leading digital asset holder for users as it is backed by a huge team behind it withholding blockchain enthusiasm ready to be there for every potential user.

We develop cutting-edge products for the Web3 ecosystem supported by our extensive research on blockchain core and infrastructure.

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