Xord Partners With Bees Social: World's First Blockchain Educational DAO

Sep 07, 2021

Being one of the best sites to learn about the blockchain technology to be most reliable for comparing an exchange platform, the collaboration of Xord with Bees Social ( has extended variations in the world of DEXes by simplifying the liquidity exchange from different swapping sites. Xord has emphasized on security during exchanging DeFi protocols by partnering up with has claimed to be the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which has educated numerous users from their DApp and their YouTube channel about the developmental changes occurring in the Blockchain sphere and the impacts inflicted from this technology on the world of economy.

Xord has designed a DApp aggregator for which calculates the exchange liquidity of gas money present on all desired DEXes platforms to find out the best exchange decision with most profit earning and less expensive alternative to swap a coin from. Basically, the site has the capability to be reliable to determine the best place for choosing an exchange medium of coin. 

Xord and also share the same ground when it comes to educating about this ever-evolving Blockchain network. This partnership has extended the horizon for Xord in the blockchain industry.

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