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Feb 23, 2022


Xord has uplifted the Web3 space while creating an influential impact on the network. Although new structures still need an introduction to the blockchain realm, it is time that we make a clearer picture of our company. Xord is moving towards a broader spectrum by becoming a Web3 Research & Development Company that believes in open-source contributions alongside product development and blockchain solutions.
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Primary Focus

Xord is an independent organization that has seen and contributed to the consistent growth of blockchain technology. We are currently expanding to shift our core focus on the research and development of innovative Web3 technologies. We understand that with progressing time, Web3 will create infinite possibilities, and we, as blockchain researchers and advocates, need to draw alongside the Web3 network.
Our primary focus now includes:

  • Research
  • Open-Source Contributions


Xord strives to push the boundaries in order to achieve greater goals. We make this possible through our research. Our research circle is focused on comprehensive and data-driven research of the Web3 technologies and protocols such as Ethereum, Zero-Knowledge, and MEV. We believe in the transformative power of the Web3 technology and are going all out to enable the unavoidable shift towards Web3. 

Open-Source Contributions

At Xord, we believe in the power of composability and collaboration, which is the true essence of Web3. This is why our team is actively working on providing open-source contributions in the Web3 ecosystem, such as our recent open source contribution on the Ethereum blockchain.


We believe in nurturing initiatives and innovative ideas which are blockchain-centric and technologically prosperous. We have created a team of passionate blockchain experts for this sole purpose, and that team required in-house companies for better understanding and management of our goal.


A blockchain-based venture inside Xord designed for building DeFi products and decentralized protocols

Expedite Design

A UI/UX designing and branding division for blockchain products, powered by Xord.


A division by Xord for blockchain-related security and smart contract audits.


A one-stop crypto wallet for the Polkadot ecosystem, developed by Xord.


Xord Solutions provides services and solutions to enhance the worldwide adoption of Web3 technology. Having a data-driven approach that generates unmatched solutions and state-of-the-art protocols, Xord Solutions aims to assist global businesses in reforming conventional technology into blockchain-driven systems. Our services are mainly focused on the given fields:

  • DeFi
  • Layer 2 Solutions
  • Digital Identity
  • Asset Tokenization
  • Governance

Blockship - Xord’s Community Initiative

Looking at the growing interest of people in Web3 technology, Xord has come up with a community centered on researchers, developers, and enthusiasts of the Web3 ecosystem. Through Blockship, Xord aims to create thought leaders and empower the transition towards Web3 by providing an ecosystem to ensure the growth of blockchain technology by advocacy. 

Final Thoughts

Rebranding Xord was an envisioning process for our team and, overall, a progressive step in the field of Web3 advocacy and services. Xord has crossed miles to reach where we are today, and there is always more to go.

We develop cutting-edge products for the Web3 ecosystem supported by our extensive research on blockchain core and infrastructure.

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