Xord launches BlockApex; An in-house smart contract audit venture

May 27, 2021

Xord has been constantly expanding into uncharted territory since day 1. Taking risks and striving for more has been on the agenda for every individual that is part of the Xord family. Owning up to this acclaimed reputation, we are pleased to announce that we are taking a step further into the blockchain realm. BlockApex is a smart contract audit venture, founded under the banner of Xord. We provide audits as a service for EVM-based smart contracts. BlockApex inspects each line of your codebase in order to look for potential risk elements or loopholes that can jeopardize your contract. This rigorous process is aimed to eliminate the probability of your contract being exploited and to add on an extra layer of fortification to your project. We exist to improve the quality of smart contract audit for protocols to ensure safety from bad actors. Our goal is to make blockchain protocols and smart contracts safer and more trustworthy for users.

"Fortifying the move towards decentralization"

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