Xord Company VoirStudio Launches Product Unipilot on Ethereum Mainnet

Nov 25, 2021

VoirStudio, an Xord’s venture is evolving blockchain by its outstanding product Unipilot. Unipilot has successfully resolved the liquidity optimization issue on Uniswap V3, which in itself is a liberation for DEXes in the blockchain realm. Now, liquidity providers don’t have to worry about setting the liquidity manually every time they are performing an exchange action across blockchains. Unipilot is the future of Dexes where investors just sit back and let the Pilot protocol do the good work.

Xord’s collaboration with its venture VoirStudio for creating the revolting project of Unipilot holds the influence of over $ 72 million worth of investment in Pilot tokens because it has the element to be efficient and versatile for blockchain enthusiasts and Liquidity providers. Unipilot is a proven universal protocol for Liquidity providers and investors.

Unipilot recently launched on Ethereum Mainnet which is already enabling a lot of users to take advantage of automating liquidity. Xord has brought a lot of progressive changes in the blockchain realm and VoirStudio’s product Unipilot is also one of them. Xord sees a broader spectrum in the future of blockchain in the form of more contributions like Unipilot.

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