Xord Launches Shield: A Testing and Development Framework for Zero-Knowledge

Jul 27, 2022

Xord is all set to launch Shield; A testing and development framework for Zero-Knowledge. Being a Web3 Research and Development Company, Xord has been effectively working in the Web3 space to make it more accessible and efficient for use. Our in-house research team focuses on Zero-Knowledge Proofs, their usability, and scope. Now, the team has come up with a framework that is bound to take Zero-Knowledge to the next level.

Shield is a Zero-Knowledge framework that provides circom developers with the libraries, plugins, and testing tools needed for better code quality and security. As of now, Shield is releasing its initial version, v0.1.0. This version will allow users to initialize a boilerplate with Javascript/Typescript or Plonk/Groth16. Whereas in the near future, updated versions will be released with further perks and integrations. These upcoming versions will have an improved coding experience through Circom linter and Circom Prettier, extended plugins and libraries, including SnarkJS setup. Moreover, Shield will provide better modular design and execution options through Foundry’s anvil integration, CLI tools for debugging transactions, and tracing mappings in the verification process. Along with understanding circuit flow during proof generation for its users. These packages will be made available on npm.

Launching Shield is a significant milestone for Xord and a step in the right direction. As Web3 advocates and enthusiasts, we aim to make the transition to Web3 smoother for the masses. And henceforth, our research team actively contributes to this cause by ideating and developing the right products and frameworks to drive the Web3 movement towards success. 

Get the npm package for Shield.

Find all you need to know about Shield through Notion. Keep up with the latest development on Github, and stay updated by following Shield on Twitter:

Notion | Github | Twitter

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