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Proto-Danksharding and KZG Ceremony

Ethereum is gradually moving towards the rollup-centric roadmap. One of the EIPs, which will help in scaling Ethereum is EIP-4844, popularly known as “Proto-Danksharding.”

How to Fork The Ethereum Blockchain

So much has been said about Ethereum Fork. Through this article, you will learn beyond the verbal meaning of the […]

Arbitrum: Scaling without Compromise

Arbitrum serves as a Layer 2 cryptocurrency platform. By implication, the security and protection of the Arbitrum interface and network come from Ethereum itself. 

Connext: A Guide To Multichain Ethereum

Connext is an Ethereum based interoperable platform that enables rapid, noncustodial transfers between Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chains and layer 2 solutions.

History Of Ethereum Hard Forks

Similar to other network and software upgrades, Ethereum concerns birthed the various hard forks. It ranges from security, centralization, fees, scalability, and other Eth 1.0 limitations.
Read more in this article.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS): How Does It Work?

Ethereum Name Service is a special system created to provide shorter and more friendly names in place of long addresses. It allows you to register a domain name for your wallet address, thus allowing the transfer of funds. Read more in the article

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA): What Is It?

The Ethereum enterprise alliance aims to build, promote, and support all Ethereum blockchain best practices and standards. EEA also aims to develop a reference architecture with the capability of handling its real-world applications and usage.

Ethereum Plasma: The Ultimate Enlightenment Guide

Ethereum plasma technology is a second-layer scaling solution for growth. The Plasma technology enables child chains to be designed to meet specific use cases; especially those not currently feasible on the Ethereum blockchain. All decentralized applications that require users to pay huge transaction fees are best suited for Ethereum Plasma.

How To Stake On Ethereum 2.0: Simple Steps To Follow

Ethereum 2.0 is the next major upgrade on the Ethereum blockchain, and it allows users to stake. This article explains everything you need to know about Ethereum 2.0 and how to stake on Ethereum 2.0.

A Deep Dive Into Ethereum 2.0: The Potential And Prospects.

Ethereum blockchain has been working on an upgrade of its Ethereum network to Ethereum 2.0. In this article, we will […]

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