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Proto-Danksharding and KZG Ceremony

Ethereum is gradually moving towards the rollup-centric roadmap. One of the EIPs, which will help in scaling Ethereum is EIP-4844, popularly known as “Proto-Danksharding.”

Layer 2 Solutions: Taking Scalability to New Heights

The blockchain trilemma suggests that blockchain cannot achieve scalability, security, and decentralization simultaneously. However, the layer-2 scaling solutions have come to challenge the thought system. It allows the mainchain to take care of security while maintaining scalable networks in its additional layers.

Serum: A Blend of Speed, Convenience and Trustlessness

The Serum is a decentralized exchange system built on the Solana ecosystem to provide unmatched low costs and speedy DeFi transactions. It charges as low as 0.0001 cents for transactions.

Mina: The World's Lightest Blockchain

It’s almost impossible for developers to create a protocol with these three important ingredients – security, scalability, and decentralization. These […]

Arbitrum: Scaling without Compromise

Arbitrum serves as a Layer 2 cryptocurrency platform. By implication, the security and protection of the Arbitrum interface and network come from Ethereum itself. 

Casper: The Future-Proof Blockchain

The Casper Network is a layer 1 Proof-of-Stake blockchain that improves how businesses upgrade new services and products on the blockchain.

Iron Fish: The Private Cryptocurrency

The Iron Fish project is a layer 1 blockchain that offers strong privacy transactions and wide expansion to the use of cryptocurrency.

Solana: Exploring the Blockchain

Solana is a web-scale, high performance Blockchain, which aims to achieve high transaction speed without compromising decentralization.

History Of Ethereum Hard Forks

Similar to other network and software upgrades, Ethereum concerns birthed the various hard forks. It ranges from security, centralization, fees, scalability, and other Eth 1.0 limitations.
Read more in this article.

THORChain: A Decentralized Liquidity Network

THORChain is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity protocol that allows its users to trade digital assets from one blockchain to another in a frictionless, secured and decentralized manner.

Flow Blockchain: A Blockchain For Open Worlds

Flow is a fast and decentralized blockchain, built as a foundation for next generation of games, apps and digital assets that power them.

The Cosmos Network: A Comprehensive Guide

Overview The Cosmos network aims to build an internet of blockchain to enable blockchain networks to communicate with each other. […]

The Avalanche Chain: A Deep Dive

The Avalanche chain is made up of multiple Blockchain networks. It makes use of a novel proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to reach a high throughput. The platform is estimated to execute more than 4500 transactions per second. According to the team behind the project, Avalanche combines the benefits of “Nakamoto consensus” and “Classical Consensus".

Phantasma Chain: A Deep Dive

Phantasma Chain is a fast, scalable, and highly secure blockchain network which not only maintains a decentralized governance protocol, it also offers interoperability with other blockchain systems. The innovative mechanism employed by Phantasma Chain such as dual token system and advanced non-fungible tokens (NFTs) makes it possible for users to have digital goods and services. Read more

A Deep Dive into the Ontology Network

Ontology Network is a relatively new public blockchain created in 2017 by a Chinese company called OnChain. The Ontology Network is designed to help companies with little or no knowledge of cryptocurrencies to integrate blockchain into their business. Read more

MultiChain Architecture Explained

The MultiChain is an extended version of the Bitcoin Core. The node and the wallet are the two main subsystems of MultiChain Architecture.

MultiChain: An Explicit Introduction

Multichain allows users to run private Blockchain infrastructure with simple command-lines by integrating APIs. Read more...

Hybrid And Federated Blockchain Networks

This article will give you a detailed insight into the worlds of Hybrid and Federated Blockchain networks. Although the Blockchain […]

Introduction to Polkadot Blockchain

"Although Blockchain technology pioneered the decentralization concept, yet the Blockchains could not interact with one another. Polkadot network links specialized Blockchains and enables cross-chain communications to transfer information."

Deep Dive into Azure Blockchain for Enterprise Blockchain Solutions [Part 3]

This is the last part of the Azure Blockchain for Enterprise Blockchain Solution series. In the first two parts, we […]

5 Popular Consensus Algorithms Used In Blockchain

What is Consensus: Consensus in literal terms means agreement. In Blockchain network nodes have to agree on the current state […]

Introduction to TRON Blockchain

What is TRON? Justin Sun founded TRON back in 2017. It is is a Blockchain platform that aims to become […]

Deep Dive into Azure Blockchain for Enterprise Blockchain Solutions [Part 2]

The essence of building Azure Blockchain-based solutions is a 3-Step simple approach for leveraging Blockchain for businesses with easy integration […]

Deep Dive into Azure Blockchain for Enterprise Blockchain Solutions [Part 1]

With the emergence of enterprise blockchain, an increasing number of businesses are moving towards the adoption of blockchain for mitigating […]

Private Blockchain Platforms You Should Know About

Blockchain platforms can be public or private, depending on the need of the user. This article will provide you details […]

The Best Blockchain For Your Business

Blockchains are a powerful concept. They are decentralized trustless peer-to-peer networks enabling the participants to transact without trusting anyone in […]

Public Blockchain Platforms You Should Know About

Blockchain gained massive popularity after the invention of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a public Blockchain network that enables you to transfer […]

Understanding Blockchain Essentials

Internet today is full of the buzz word "Blockchain", but what is Blockchain? and does it really matter to know […]

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