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Digital Identification on the Blockchain with Microsoft's ION

Microsoft ION is a layer 2 DID network running atop the Bitcoin blockchain that allows users to create and authenticate digital identification on the blockchain.

ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain: A Comprehensive Review

ConsenSys Quorum is Ethereum-based decentralized ledger technology. It offers a permissioned way to apply the Ethereum network to support the privacy of contracts. The goal of this Blockchain is to create an enterprise Ethereum client that empowers businesses to adopt and leverage the benefits of Blockchain technology.

Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure: Control Your Identities!

We live in a highly digitized world. The Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. According to […]

Healthcare Revolution With Blockchain

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger, that stores information in distributed and incorruptible nodes. Lately, it has been disrupting industries all […]

How is Blockchain Revamping The Supply Chain Industry

What is supply chain management? The supply chain management is a process of managing a chain or network of activities, […]

Private Blockchain Platforms You Should Know About

Blockchain platforms can be public or private, depending on the need of the user. This article will provide you details […]

Public Blockchain Platforms You Should Know About

Blockchain gained massive popularity after the invention of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a public Blockchain network that enables you to transfer […]

Applications of Blockchain Technology - Real life Examples

Blockchain has transformed the system of how we keep records. The first application of blockchain which disrupted the tech industry […]

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