Novon: A Beginning without an End

Published on: Sep 30, 2021

Sep 30, 2021

About Novon

Founded in June 2021, Novon is an in-house research center of Xord. And as a research and development center for blockchain, Novon is purely focused on bringing positive change and innovation to the blockchain industry. 

Core Focus

“Contributing to the world”

Our core focus is pretty self-explanatory. We are rethinking the foundation of blockchain. What makes blockchain extraordinary and how can it go beyond that. We ask questions like why blockchain was needed in the first place, whether it can transform the world and how we can contribute to make that vision a reality.

Core Values

Core values, along with core focus, are the foundation of a company. They are the nuts and bolts which hold a company together. If any one of those things is missing, the other is rendered useless. 

Our core values are:

  • Winning attitude
  • Subjective thinking
  • Elastic mindset


“What can we do that the others can’t or aren’t doing?”

At Novon, we believe in innovation, initiation, and improvement. The blockchain space is ever-changing. And with every change, comes a series of problems that need to be addressed and solved for the progression of the blockchain system as well as the community. At Novon, we focus on these changes. We find flaws and areas of improvement in blockchain technology and work on them.

Our goal is to contribute to the blockchain world as much as we can without reinventing the same wheel for monetary benefits. 


Our vision is to change the world for the better. We firmly believe that blockchain is a step in the right direction. We like to keep the playing field open and not limit ourselves to a single blockchain. 

Components of Novon

Novon can be divided into two components; research and development.


We begin with extensive research in a specific part of the blockchain and find the areas where there is a need for innovation and improvement. From the introduction of Bitcoin; which marks the genesis of blockchain technology to the existence of multiple blockchains serving multiple purposes and even layer 2 solutions, we choose topics where we can contribute back to the world either in the form of idea generation or providing solutions. Our research department involves people from diverse backgrounds.


In simple words, the development department is where we try to contribute back to the world by picking out the issues in the blockchain world and solving them. Our aim is to build a team solely focused on open source contributions.

The Kind of People We Seek at Novon

We value creativity. We value people who not only can think outside the box but are willing to free themselves from the conventionality with which they are taught to think. We value people with the guts to question the basics and people who are not afraid of asking ‘why?’

Being innovation-focused, Novon seeks people that are not afraid of change and are able to keep up with the fast-moving pace of blockchain technology. We seek self-motivated and passionate people who believe in our vision of seeing a future where blockchain has changed the way of life.

To find out more about Novon, visit our website. And follow Novon on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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