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2D Reed Solomon Encoded Merkle Tree Construction

In our previous article, we briefly discussed the formation of the Merkle Tree using the Reed Solomon Code. In this […]

Lattice-Based Cryptography: Zero Knowledge

Introduction In my previous research we discussed about Lattice-based cryptography and now we will use lattice cryptography to built our […]

Strong Homomorphic Encryption

Introduction: Encryption programs are genuinely designed to destroy the relation between plain text and the corresponding ciphertext. A good encryption […]

Lattice Based Cryptography: A Post Quantum Era

Introduction: For the last few years, quantum computers have been in the news and mathematicians and cryptographers are concerned with […]

Curve DAO: A Brief Outlook To The Mechanism Of DAO

Introduction: Curve DAO token (CRV) is an Ethereum token that is powered by Curve finance. Which can be stated as […]

Curve Cryptopools: An Exposure To Volatility

Introduction:  The automated market makers are the main protocols of the decentralized exchanges that were first introduced by Uniswap. They […]

Curve StableSwap: A Comprehensive Mathematical Guide

Introduction Automated Market Makers (AMMs) have changed the way of exchanging tokens in the world of DeFi. DEXs such as […]

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