Zainab Hasan

Researcher. Blockchain Enthusiast. ZK Maximalist. Interested in scalability and privacy-preserving.

Merged: Finally... It happened!

It seems like it has been ages since we started hearing about the transition of Ethereum from PoW to PoS. Today, Sept 15 2022, 06:42:59 AM +UTC, marks the time it finally happened. Read about it in this pos

Celestia: Turning Modularity Into Reality

Celestia is a Modular Blockchain which separates data availability layer from execution and settlement layers. Click to learn more about Celestia.

The Advent Of STARKs With IOPs

STARKs revolves around the idea of computational integrity, which essentially means that the output of a specific computation is correct. […]

Zero-Knowledge Proofs: A General Understanding

Introduction Over the years, banks became quite a crucial part of the lifestyle. They provide the best user experience possible. […]

Gas Tokens: Analysis & The Future

This publication will explore gas tokens and their future. Ethereum & Gas Ethereum Blockchain grabbed people’s attention as a Turing […]

Bitcoin: Dawn Of Innovation

A Bitcoin Blockchain is a digital ledger that records bitcoin transactions, allows user to transact funds peer-to-peer.

Uniswap v3: Power To Liquidity Providers

Uniswap v3 mitigates the problem of capital inefficien by allowing liquidity providers to concentrate their liquidity. By doing so, they can provide the same liquidity depth as Uniswap v2 within specified price ranges while putting far less capital at risk.

Chainlink: An Encyclopedic Study

Chainlink is a fully decentralized oracle network that enables access to real-world data to smart contracts in Blockchain. Read details in our article.

Flash Ecosystem: An In-depth Explanation

Flash protocol is an on-chain Ethereum Blockchain protocol. The protocol enables users to stake tokens and earn rewards immediately.

Uniswap V2 Protocol: Let’s Dive In

In this publication, we will explore what Uniswap protocol, how it works and we will further take a look at the maths behind the well-known protocol.

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