Rabia Fatima

Modularism maxi, exploring scalability problems in blockchain tech.

Why is Resource Pricing a Big Deal in Blockchain?

TL;DR: In this article, we are gonna discuss what resource pricing in blockchain means and how we can limit and […]

Multi-Party Computation Protocol for Universal SNARKs

ZK-SNARKs are mostly popular for publicly verifiable computations. They rely on common reference strings (CRS) for proving and verifying. Subversion […]

The Trusted Setup of ZK-SNARK

Special thanks to Shakeib Shaida and Zainab Hasan for reviewing my article. Zero-knowledge proofs are cryptographically advanced proofs which are […]

ZK-SNARKs: The Low Level Working

Currently at Xord we are researching ZK-SNARKs in depth.  Although Maksym Petkus does an excellent job of explaining why and […]

Explaining Quadratic Arithmetic Programs

This article is greatly inspired by Vitalik explanation on Quadratic arithmetic programs(QAPs). In this article we are going to take a […]

Verkle Trees: A Step towards Stateless Ethereum

This is the last post of our series on stateless Ethereum. Earlier, in the previous articles we have discussed the […]

Kate Commitments: A Polynomial Scheme

Our previous article was a depiction of how polynomial commitments can create a disruptive path in building stateless clients in […]

Polynomial Commitments For Stateless Clients

In our previous article we have described what stateless clients are, why they are important and how we can achieve […]

Stateless Clients: The Concept Behind

Ever wonder why the Ethereum community is challenging the incomprehensible ideas for scalability? Why the researchers are persistently experimenting with […]

Amphora: The Merge Event

The Ethereum community is always keen on their vision of an energy-efficient proof-of-stake network. For several years the Ethereum community […]

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